Remote Learning for Autumn Term

In the event of your child being off for 14 days due to COVID symptoms please see the attached Remote Learning Schedule for the Autumn Term. This will follow broadly what we are doing in class, so please access the links for the correct weeks your child is absent to ensure continuity. The links will open tutorials and activities for your child to complete.

Beech Class Autumn Remote Learning

If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to contact me using the class email address:

Many thanks,

Miss Jones

Beech Class Home Learning Ideas – A rhyme in space!

Hello everyone. Hope you are all keeping safe and well. It was lovely to catch up with lots of you last week and I will be calling again towards the end of next week just to say hello and see how you all are.

I have attached some more ideas to keep you going this next week and then the week after half term as we continue our Space themed activities. Please don’t worry about doing everything, just dip in and out of it if you want to, but please try and do a little reading most days and try out some of the maths games.

Work for Beech Class – COVID19 18.05.2020

I hope you enjoyed the rhyming story ‘Oi Frog’ – there are another two books following that one that I know the children enjoy so I may read those next week unless I have any other requests.

It has been fabulous seeing all your updates on Tapestry and I have LOVED hearing some of you reading and seeing some of the activities you’ve been doing so please keep the posts coming. It has been a great way of keeping in touch with many of you so if you haven’t posted anything yet, please give it a go. Or if you have any issues accessing Tapestry, please let me know.

I am at school some days in the week but working from home on the other days. Please remember that I am only ever an email or a phone call away so if you have any queries or concerns please email the office or call the main office number as someone is there every day and they can pass your message to me.

Take care, stay safe and hopefully I will see you soon – even if only virtually!

Beech Class Home Learning Ideas – Whatever Next!

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well. Here are some more ideas to keep you going for the next couple of weeks. It has been lovely seeing some posts on Tapestry of the things you have been making and doing and how your beanstalks are getting on, so please keep them coming, whatever you have been up to.

The work this fortnight is based mainly around the story Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. If you don’t know the story and don’t have a copy there are some videos of people reading it on YouTube and I will be posting a version of it on Tapestry for you too. It’s a wonderful story about using your imagination, I do hope you enjoy it.

Work for Beech Class – COVID19 04.05.2020

If you have any issues accessing the work or logging into Tapestry or any of the websites/apps suggested please call the office or email who will let me know. Someone is in the office every day and I am at school some days but can also access the majority of things from home to help you.

Most importantly, look after each other and stay safe.

Take care,

Miss Jones

Phonics Support

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all staying safe and making the most of the sunshine if you can do safely.

This is a link to some support for Phonics. They are short sessions produced by the people behind ‘Letters and Sounds’ which is the phonics teaching and learning guidance which we use in school.

Letters and Sounds Sessions

There are some introductory videos then the sessions go live on Monday 27th April.

Please have a go, you only need internet access, some paper and a pencil. Most importantly, have fun!

Beech Class Home Learning Ideas.

Hello everyone. Hope you are all keeping safe and well and didn’t eat too much chocolate over Easter!

Here are some more ideas to keep you going over the next couple of weeks.

Work for Beech Class – COVID19 20.04.2020

Do the best you can with what you have at home and if you have any issues accessing any of the online resources or logging into your Tapestry account please let me know by ringing or emailing the office who can forward it to me.

Shrewsbury Town in the Community have produce some great activities to enjoy at home. You will need to register but access is free. There are lots of activities for you to try, including some new dances for the children to learn!

It has been great seeing some updates on Tapestry and it’s always lovely to see how you are all getting on and what you have been up to so please keep in touch and keep posting on there.

Most importantly, take care, stay safe and keep smiling.

Miss Jones