A Quick Website Tour

Our new website is designed to be quick and easy for parents and carers to use, here’s a very quick tour.

The site is split into two parts:

  • School Prospectus (for newcomers and the general public) – these are the pages found under the top grey coloured menu.
  • Parents’ Area for News and Activity (for parents and carers with children already at our school) – these are the pages on the pink coloured menu.

The Parents’ Area landing page is a noticeboard, it’s your go-to place for keeping up to date (you should bookmark it or add it to your home screen). On here you’ll find the latest news items from the school office, diary dates and also links to school forms, dinner menus and other useful information.
There is also an area where the class teachers can add photos and, activity updates, homework and spellings. You should visit regularly, it’s nice to see what’s happening!

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