1.12.23 – Beech Newsletter.

Happy December everyone!
Hope you have all kept cosy and warm at home. It was rather chilly at school today!

A very busy week – it has flown past! We have learnt how to add a ‘s’ to simple words to show we have more than one of something. Eg; cats, hats, socks, dogs. We have also learnt the digraphs ch and qu (2 letters – one sound). Really impressed with the segmenting and blending in Beech class. They are all trying really hard. Keep up the hard work children!

Our book this week was “we are going on a bear hunt’. The children have drawn some amazing pictures and really impressed us with their independent spelling of big and bear. We also have had great fun acting the story out! The children all worked together to think of the most suitable actions for each part of the story.

In Maths, we have continued our work on the numbers 4 and 5. We have looked at the composition, more than and less then. We had great fun in the role play shop selling current ones using the nursery rhyme to help us! One current bun in the bakers shop, round and fat with a cherry on top….

We have been super busy practicing our school Nativity. Thank you to those who have sent in costumes. Can you please check your child’s book bag to make sure they haven’t got a letter lurking about their costume. Most of the children are all sorted but some do need plain black leggings and top or plain white leggings and top. We are looking forward to seeing you at the performances on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The afternoons this week have consisted of lots of art activities, song practice for the Nativity, construction afternoons and lots of role play. We have been very fortunate to have had some lovely new resources brought for Beech class and the children have LOVED playing with all the new things. Very proud of how well they have looked after and respected the new toys. Well done team Beech.

We wondered how many of you had a visit from a cheeky elf this morning? Looking forward to hearing all about the mischief they may have been causing!

Have a lovely weekend!
Keep warm – it’s going to be a chilly one.
See you on Monday.
Miss Shadbolt, Mrs Kenny and Mrs Millichamp.

Beech Newsletter 17-11-23

Another lovely week in Beech class. We can’t believe how fast the year is going. We have been working super hard practising the Christmas play. So proud of the children – they are really trying and the singing has been fabulous!

In Maths, we have been looking at recognising 4 and 5. We have been looking at how to make 4 and 5, how to subitise 4 and 5 and how to form the number 4 and 5. A lot of the children have also started to notice that 2+2 = 4 and 2+3=5. We have looked at the idea of number sentences.

Our book this week has been “Room on the Broom”. We have been busy drawing the witch, the animals and designing a super snazzy broom to get around! They have all drawn a fabulous dragon as well this week. The children have started to write CVC words independently like cat, dog, big and hat. Next week we are looking at the book “Stickman” – if possible can the children all bring in a stick on Monday/Tuesday so we can make our own Stickman family – thank you!!

Guided reading has been going really well this week. Can I please ask you to keep reading with the children at home. They need to read the book 3x a week in order for us to change it and have it noted in the yellow reading record. Next week some of the children will be bringing home a set of blending words and a list of CVC words to help them with their blending. Please encourage and support your children with this. Reading opens the door to the world 🌎.


We have had great fun looking at winter this week. It’s been lovely to hear all the things the children love about winter and the weather changing. We had a go at making snowflakes using PVA and glitter.

Was lovely to see them all dressed up in spots for Children in Need. Thank you for the support.

Congratulations to Nyah, who is the golden certificate winner! Nyah has been trying so hard with her blending and independent writing. She’s always been reading lots at home! Keep up the good work! Well done!

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Shadbolt, Mrs Kenny and Mrs Millichamp.

Beech 20.10.23 – Newsletter.

Another week has flown by! Time really does fly when you’re having fun and we have lots of that in Beech class.

We have been busying segmenting and blending in phonics this week. Encouraging the children to segment each sound and then blend them back together to read the word. If you can also encourage your child to do this at home and write down you’ve done this in the reading diaries we would be super grateful!

In English we have looked at the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children have loved drawing naughty trolls, magic bridges and inventive ways to cross the poisonous river. The children are all trying so hard with pencil grip and letter formation. Very proud of their efforts this week.

In Maths we have been looking at 1,2 and 3. Seeing how they are made up, what things can be grouped into 1,2 and 3 and looked at varying representations of the numbers. We have started to subitise (The ability to look at a small number of objects and instantly recognise how many objects there are without needing to count). The children have all shown good subitising skills.

We have been celebrating Black History Month. This week we looked at Alma Thomas and Sir Frank Bowling (famous artists) – we looked at lots of their paintings and then had s go at recreating them. The children really enjoyed getting artistic and have shown great understanding of the different methods used.

Well done to Arlo who is our “Golden Certificate” winner this week.  Arlo goes above and beyond to be helpful in class, always tries his best and is really trying to segment and blend new words! Well done Arlo – well deserved this week.

Looking forward to seeing you at parents evening on Monday and Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend, let’s hope the rain stops and if not lots of splashing in puddles in wellies!
Miss Shadbolt, Mrs Kenny and Mrs Millichamp.

Beech Newsletter 15.9.23


Another lovely week in Beech class.
We have been learning all about The Three Little Pigs, we have been busy drawing our favourite characters and houses, cutting and sticking the story sequence, practising writing our names and even building some super strong pig houses!

In phonics we have learnt S A T P. We have been saying the phoneme and writing the graphemes too.

We have been put collecting things that show us that it is getting autumnal outside and have been mixing primary colours to make the right secondary colours for the leaves.

Well done to all the children this week, they are really settled and are starting to find their feet and follow the routines of school life. A big WELL DONE to Spencer for being the golden certificate winner this week. Spencer makes great choices, encourages others to make good choices and has done some great work in English this week. Well done Spencer!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Shadbolt, Mrs Kenny and Mrs Millichamp.