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Spring Term Home Learning: January 2022

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Hello Oak Class. Please find a timetable of learning for you to complete at home. Remember, if you are poorly you should wait until you are recovered to start your home learning. If you are isolating and not poorly please start the timetable. You should start from the beginning of the timetable and work through each lesson as they are in order and build on things you learn in each lesson.

Spring Home Learning using Oak Academy

All of your work should be completed in your homework book and returned to school when you come back. We hope you enjoy your home learning. Remember you can use your email to email the class email if you need help or just want to keep in touch.

We have set up a weekly TEAMS meeting for you to join from home: you will receive an email with the link via your own emails. Your email passwords and links to Mathletics and Rock Stars are all in the back of your homework books.

Stay safe and recover quickly,

Best wishes Mrs.P, Mrs Brunyard and Ms Nicholas.

Oak Class: Working at Home.

Curwen Primary School - Home Learning


as we work towards the end of term, just a reminder about working from home if your child has to isolate for any reason. They only need to do the following work if they are well enough to do so.

  1. Read for 20 minutes each day.
  2. Record comments or illustrations in their Reading Diary.
  3. Keep a daily diary of events in their Homework Books using full sentences and an illustration.
  4. Practice weekly spellings: Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check
  5. Mathletics.
  6. Times Tables: Rock Stars
  7. Keep an eye on their emails as work can be set via this too.

Please email the class email or admin if you have any questions. When your child returns to school they should bring their home learning with them. It is really important for your child to attempt learning at home, we have had a lot of absences and this shows in their learning journeys and results.

If you are in doubt as to whether they should be absent please ring the school office. If your child has a medical appointment on a school day if possible they should be in school for the remaining time they are not attending their appointment.

I will continue to post work on this section of our Class Web page next term and I will use the children’s emails too.


Autumn 2021: Welcome to the Oak Class Homework Page.

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One of the most important things to do every evening is to read.

However, in Oak Class you will also have been given an orange homework book. You need to take this book home every afternoon and bring it back to school with you every morning. Use your plastic school bag to do this. Please do not put anything other than your school books in this bag: we have lots of accidents with drinks bottles leaking and soaking books!

At the front of the book you have a letter which gives you a timetable of the homework you will need to do each evening. This may change from time to time.

Hello homework letter

Every week you will be told which homework to do, how and by when. If you do not understand what you need to do please ask a member of the Year 5 Oak Class Team – Mrs.P, Mrs Smith or Ms Nicholas. If you do not have time to complete your homework you can use some time in school during break or lunch time.

We will try to put a copy of the homework sheet on this page and your spellings on the spelling page. Sometimes we may use your email.

Only spend the required amount of time on your homework: we have allowed plenty of time for you to complete your tasks.

Make sure you have a quiet, comfortable place to work and make sure you have given yourself the right equipment and the right amount of time to achieve the best you can.


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Enjoy, we look forward to seeing your homework every week. Make sure you look back at your homework: if you find a sticker it means you have earnt a raffle ticket – well done!



Monday 5th July 2021: Home learning.


Hopefully, we will all be back together quite quickly but for now we have put together your learning activities. You have also been emailed them via your own emails: you should all have your passwords on your sheets which you popped into your homework books or reading diaries. If you have any problems let us know via the class email which is:

We will also set up a TEAMS invite so that we can talk through learning and share any questions: tomorrow at 9.30-10.30.

Here is the email Mrs Smith has sent to you today with links to the maths work she has set up for you so far.

Hello everyone,
Here is some Maths work I would like you to complete at home today.
First you need to practise the long multiplication questions and then do as many of the word problems as you can.   You will remember we have worked hard on this method in school, but you can all do with practising  and becoming more confident with it.
Please print out the sheets if you can and keep them safe so we can stick into your books when you return to school.
For Literacy, please read your ZPD book for 30 minutes. If you have not got your reading book at home, I have noticed two of you left them at school, then please choose a book from home.
On a piece of paper please write down examples of these grammar features from your book –
nouns –
verbs –
adjectives –
adverbs –
prepositions –
conjunctions –
Hopefully we will be back in school again very soon, but please check your email regularly to see if there are any updates.
Take care, keep safe and I look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.
Mrs Smith x
P.S. Look out for your TEAMS invite which will take place tomorrow at 9.30-10.30 and will come from the class email:
You will also find tomorrow’s work on this email.
We look forward to seeing you soon, stay safe,
Mrs.P, Mrs Smith, Miss Allison and Ms


Oak Class Week 2: Some examples of your work.

You should be very proud of these drawings: Rocco, Louie and Mya.

You will receive your C.R.O.W certificate next week.

This photo shows you how to set your work out:

  1. Full Date on line 1- underline with a ruler.
  2. Subject – underline with a ruler.
  3. L.O. Use the lessons to help you decide – usually on the the explanation of the lesson at the beginning eg L.O. To use precise verbs and adverbs.

Watch your presentation.

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