Spellings 16.9.22

This week’s spellings are focused on ‘ious’. Children have their spellings sheet to practice every night in their homework books.

  1. vicious
  2. gracious
  3. spacious
  4. malicious
  5. precious
  6. conscious
  7. delicious
  8. suspicious
  9. atrocious
  10. ferocious

Test date: 23.9.22

Weekly Spellings 24.06.2022

Here are this weeks spellings. The spelling pattern is “ERE” and the sound is “EAR”. In other words, the grapheme is “ERE” and the phonics are “EAR.” Some of the words are quite tricky but the children have written some nonsense paragraphs today and completed a word search with their new words.

For example:

You really need to persevere with your spelling tests. They may seem rather austere but as long as you do not interfere with the letters too much and adhere to the rules you will learn them. There will not be an atmosphere if you do not learn them via another hemisphere whilst you are sat next to the mere playing with a sphere! There are no severe consequences, I hope you see that I am being sincere when I say “just try, give it a go and you will score ten out of ten!” Mrs.P.


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Ear sounds spelt ERE words