Times Tables Challenges

Hello everyone!

Here is the times tables challenge that we do in school. It would be good to have a go at doing these to maintain your times tables knowledge. Remember, five minutes to answer as many of the questions as you can. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all done, just try and improve on your previous score!

12X table sheet     11X table sheet    10X table sheet   9X table sheet

8X table sheet       7X table sheet       6X table sheet      5X table sheet   4X table sheet

3X table sheet        2X table sheet

Take care,

Mrs Brunyard

Times Tables Challenge Grids

Here are the “Times Tables Challenge Grids” I mentioned on the planning table. See how quickly you can complete them! They have a five minute time limit but you could see if you could get quicker. Choose one which will challenge you, so not too easy! Some are very tricky, good luck.

Remember if you can’t print them you can draw each grid in your book! It’s really good practice making tables and grids ready for your science and statistics work. Plus practice using a ruler is always a good skill- you know who you are, as Mrs.P says… “underline the date with a ruler!”