Test 2 (Additional Homework)

Hi all

I appreciate you are getting bored and trust you are keeping safe and looking after your families. Remember all feel a little odd at this time as it is incredibly unusual.

Here’s some more work – I hope this method is working. Add the answers to your green books or on paper if you weren’t in school when the books were distributed. I will post the answers early next week so you can mark your work and see how you got on.

Grammar and Punctuation:



Multiplication and Division:

I have set more work on Mathletics. You have the BBC Bitesize website, Espresso, NumberGym and SCRATCH is free to download, I think. I also include a couple of word searches, you know me and my liking for word searches! A little IT and Geography!

Computer Jargon 1

Computer Jargon 2

Countries of Europe

Keep safe and don’t forget to help your folks out.

Mr Wilmot