At Crowmoor, for P.S.H.E. (Personal Social Health and Economics) we follow the P.S.H.E. Associations Thematic Model. In this model there are three core themes:

1. Relationships – which includes: families and friendships, safe relationships, respecting ourselves and others.

2. Living in the wider world – which includes: belonging to a community, media literacy and digital resilience, money and work

3. Health and Wellbeing – which includes: physical health and mental wellbeing, growing and changing, keeping safe

As part of the third theme (Health and Wellbeing), in the unit of growing and changing, we teach R.S.E. (Relationships and Sex Education). For this, we deliver the Shropshire Respect

Yourself Eat Better, Move More program, this includes the transition unit for Year 6 to Year 7.