Physical Education, Games and Sport

At Crowmoor, all children receive two hours of PE and physical activity per week. Children receive high-quality PE lessons which deliver the skills set out in Chris Quigley’s Essentials (Milestones). As a school, we use the School Games values to underpin the learning during PE. These values are: honesty, determination, self-belief, respect, teamwork and passion. We feel that it is vital that these values are used across all PE lessons and activities as it enhances the experience that children have. Children are encouraged to work both as a team and individually. We have a strong ethos about the importance of taking part and supporting each other.

As well as our curriculum lessons, we also offer a range of extra-curricular activities which are for all age ranges and abilities. During break and lunchtimes, the children have access to a wide range of equipment which allows them to practise and enhance their skills. Some upper KS2 children have had playground leaders training and help the children with small sided games and activities during lunch times.

All children from Years 3-6 receive weekly swimming lessons in the Autumn term. This emphasises the importance that the school puts on water safety and learning to swim. It is imperative that all KS2 children have the opportunity to learn to swim and can feel confident when in the water.

Sport and physical activity at Crowmoor is a key part of school life and allows the children to develop their physical, emotional and mental health. As a school, we hope that our children can continue to flourish and develop in to all-round performers who are confident, happy and resilient.

PE Overview


Joe Wicks – 8 minute work outs

Joe Wicks – 8 Minute Workouts 1

Joe Wicks – 8 Minute Workouts 2

For more information please refer to the PE funding information.