Willow Newsletter w/c 20/04/20

Hi all,

I hope you are all well and keeping healthy. I trust you are enjoying the weather; it certainly makes the weird period of time more palatable but it also reminds us what life could be like if we were allowed to be with friends and taking trips to the coast etc.

I am keeping busy with school work – it is amazing how much you find to do when you have time to stop and reflect. I find the not knowing when and if we will return to school frustrating but completely agree with the scientist when they say we go back when it is safe to do so.

The answers to the homework for this last week have been posted and I have posted new homework for this week. You should be able to complete the work as it is mainly revision and once you know what pages you need to do you can just crack on with your books that you have at home. There is also the fortnightly project to complete – remember to complete the work in your green books or homework book. Should we return, I would like to see how you engaged with the work.

It has become nationally apparent that the work that children are set and their subsequent engagement depends on online access as such I will post the answers to the homework and set new on the website, set the fortnightly project but will stop sending the weekly Comprehension, Maths and SPaG ‘Test’. These are hard for some children to access and I do believe there is enough work with the project, SAT books and engaging in some of the website links, subject to access. Remember you can access the internet, and our webpage, on SMART TVs and through your PS4 and Xbox One.

I have been out for lots of walks with my dog, I am keeping in touch with friends through Zoom and similar apps and I have been out on my bike. I have explored areas, local to me, that I didn’t know existed!

I am in school next week to look after the key worker children. If at any time you need a hardcopy of the homework sheet or the fortnightly projects please email the office – they have a copy and can arrange for it to be photocopied for you to collect. Please give them time to sort though as they are very busy and we are keeping staffing at a sensible level to protect all from the virus. If you need to get in touch with me please email the office and they will forward your message on.

Have a great weekend and ‘speak’ again soon.

Thank you

Mr Wilmot