Willow Class Remote Learning Spring Schedule

Hi everyone

I didn’t expect to be writing this message but have to agree that Lockdown is possibly the best option to curb the current threat and worrying statistics.

Here’s the remote schedule for the next few weeks. I have gone until the Easter hols as I don’t know how long the current situation will last.


Please click on the links in the appropriate weeks. The links send you to a series of lessons. Each lesson usually has a clip (video) and a lesson activity. Just do the one in Literacy and Maths each day and then there is a weekly Science lesson. Follow the lessons in order as they are sequential. I will have a look at the other subjects too and forward links on the class newsletter and class page information – I will locate activities that follow my initial thoughts and planning and that I think will engage your children.

I will be in contact soon to virtually catch up with the children to make sure they can access the work and to offer any further support.

In the event of query please contact me on the class email address: willow@crowmoorschool.co.uk.

Keep safe

Mr Wilmot