Ancient Greek Themed Homework (for the next fortnight)

Hi all,

I hope you are all keeping well and more importantly safe. We are on lockdown for another three weeks at least and I know you will be frustrated and bored.

I am going into school once or twice a week and keeping busy with researching, looking at data and setting work.

Please find the themed homework for the next fortnight. If we were in school we would be studying the Ancient Greeks – we can still do this but it will have to be remotely sadly. The homework should interest you as it is Art related and linked to a myth that you will create.

Homework Grid for Year 6 – w:c 20th April 2020

I will continue to set homework from your Booster Books – I added more today and the answers for the week commencing 30th March 2020.

I will also continue to set the Comprehension, Multiplication and Division, Maths and GPS ‘Tests’ each week and I’ll send the answers through as I did at the end of last term.

I hope this system is working for you; I appreciate it is internet based and that the device you may use maybe in high demand. If you require hard copies please contact the office, they will contact me and I will ensure I provide hardcopies that can be collected from the table outside the office. The office will call you to confirm when it is time to pick the work up.

Thank you and please keep safe.

Mr Wilmot