Apologies for having to close the school this morning. However, we have several members of staff who live outside of Shrewsbury. Unfortunately after attempts to get in this morning they were unable to travel to work safely and this meant that without those staff members in school we were unable to operate safely today. Once again please accept our apologies for this decision. However, the safety of both pupils and staff is paramount to us.

We have reviewed the current forecast and it seems that there will be more snow over night. However, currently conditions are improving. We don’t feel it is appropriate for us to assess the situation until the morning. Therefore, as it stands the school will be open tomorrow. However, if we have a number of staff that are unable to get into school again we will unfortunately be in the same position as today and will be unable to operate safely. Therefore, if the school is closed you will be contacted by 7.45am at the latest tomorrow morning.

Whilst we do contact the Council for them to put this information on their closure page we will update our website, facebook page and text system immediately, if we do close. There is a slight delay on the Council’s page so please refer to our channels of contact in the first instance.

We do not take the decision to close the school lightly and will always try and remain open where possible. We appreciate your  cooperation and understanding with this.


Many thanks