Chestnut Newsletter 20.10.23

Well, what a wet day it has been! All the children had coats which is fantastic, thank you. We do try to get out side at breaktimes as much as possible, they really need a run around to let off some energy.

This week the children have enjoyed reading The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson. It is a book that most of them know well. This has been the stimulus for our writing. We have written descriptive sentences to create a WANTED! poster. You will have the opportunity to look at their books on Parent’s Evening.

In maths we have learnt about fact families and represented them using addition and subtraction sentences. The children are all getting confident at identifying the ‘whole’ and the ‘parts’ in a Part/Whole model. They know that we add the ‘parts’ together to find the ‘whole’ and that we always begin with the ‘whole’ when subtracting. Here is an example of a fact family:

5 + 3 = 8

3 + 5 = 8

8 – 5 = 3

8 – 3 = 5

We have looked at Black History Month and discussed how everyone is unique but there are some things that link us together even if we look different. We will be learning more about Black History throughout the year.

In art the children enjoyed creating Andy Warhol style self portraits. They were very brave with their use of colour and repeated patterns.

We hope you enjoy the weekend and I look forward to seeing you all at Parent’s Evening,

Mrs Dowell, Mrs Armstrong and Miss Harrison