Yesterday’s Maths Answers

Willow suggested I post the answers to the maths on here – a great suggestion! I had initially thought of marking, en masse, when we return to school next Monday but this is a better idea. I will post the answers to the maths the day after it is set. Make sure you match your answers to the activity you completed – like we do in class. Future answers will be attached to the email I send each morning.

Varied Frequency Answers for work set on 05.07.21:

Year-6-Summer-Block-3-Step-1-VF-Read-Line-Graphs (dragged)

Reasoning and Problem Solving Answers for the work set on 05.07.21:

Year-6-Summer-Block-3-Step-1-RPS-Read-and-Interpret-Line-Graphs (dragged)

Have a good day.

Mr Wilmot