Parents Evening Invites 19.10.21 and 20.10.21

Please check your child’s email account for an invitation to a TEAMS meeting. Most children were given their account details last year, they haven’t changed. All children have been given another copy of their details on a slip of paper today, which should be in their book bag. Please let me know if you need another copy.

When you click on the link to ‘join’, it may take you to your own TEAMS account. You will need to log out and log back in as your child. Please have a practice before hand. If you click ‘join’ before the meeting, nothing will happen and the link should still work the next time you click it. It’s a good opportunity to check that your camera and microphone are working!

Please ‘accept’ the invite so that I can chase any which are not accepted. Be aware that once you have clicked ‘accept’, the email may go into your deleted items folder. Don’t worry, it should still work from there or you can access this on the calendar.

Click on this link to login into their account:

Outlook Email Account

We use emails regularly during school, so the children are experts at login in to their emails.

If you have not received an invite, please let me know by emailing

I look forward to speaking with you all,

Miss Bliss