Monday 5th July 2021: Home learning.


Hopefully, we will all be back together quite quickly but for now we have put together your learning activities. You have also been emailed them via your own emails: you should all have your passwords on your sheets which you popped into your homework books or reading diaries. If you have any problems let us know via the class email which is:

We will also set up a TEAMS invite so that we can talk through learning and share any questions: tomorrow at 9.30-10.30.

Here is the email Mrs Smith has sent to you today with links to the maths work she has set up for you so far.

Hello everyone,
Here is some Maths work I would like you to complete at home today.
First you need to practise the long multiplication questions and then do as many of the word problems as you can.   You will remember we have worked hard on this method in school, but you can all do with practising  and becoming more confident with it.
Please print out the sheets if you can and keep them safe so we can stick into your books when you return to school.
For Literacy, please read your ZPD book for 30 minutes. If you have not got your reading book at home, I have noticed two of you left them at school, then please choose a book from home.
On a piece of paper please write down examples of these grammar features from your book –
nouns –
verbs –
adjectives –
adverbs –
prepositions –
conjunctions –
Hopefully we will be back in school again very soon, but please check your email regularly to see if there are any updates.
Take care, keep safe and I look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.
Mrs Smith x
P.S. Look out for your TEAMS invite which will take place tomorrow at 9.30-10.30 and will come from the class email:
You will also find tomorrow’s work on this email.
We look forward to seeing you soon, stay safe,
Mrs.P, Mrs Smith, Miss Allison and Ms