How to learn your spellings in Oak Class.

Each week you will have a list of 10 spellings to learn. They will be organised in a table for you so that you can use our “Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check” process each evening to learn them.

Look say cover write check poster

Research into the ways we all learn tells us that a little and often works well. You are more likely to remember the words if you look at them each day and use this process. We will practice in schools sometimes. Every week we will have short spelling activities too. For example: “Beat The Teacher!” and “Find the word…”

You can try making silly songs and rhymes at home to help you learn the words or you can try shouting out or saying each word in a different voice. For example: a witchy voice, a quiet voice or very, very loud voice! Whatever you do, make it fun!

“Oaksters,” all you have to do is try your best and have a go.

Free Vector | Spelling word scramble for word bear

Remember you can collect “Spelling Bee” certificates too.