The Curriculum at Crowmoor is creative and immersive for all pupils. The broad range of topics studied by all pupils are underpinned by the Chris Quigley Milestones . The history and geography elements provide the children with a broad and balanced understanding of the world and the local area. Topics are linked to local points of interest such as famous people (Charles Darwin, Eglantyne Jebb and Wilfred Owen) and Blists Hill Victorian Town, replica WW1 trenches at Park Hall and local habitats at the Reabrook.

The curriculum is planned carefully to draw upon local resources and points of interest to ensure that the children can apply their historical and geographical skills with a stronger understanding and relevance. The Milestones are used to ensure that the children not only use specific skills to the relevant areas of History and Geography but also have the opportunity to use transferable skills from other areas. The fluidity of the curriculum allows all children of all abilities to achieve success.


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