Fordhall Farm 22.6.22

We have all had an absolutely fabulous trip to Fordhall Farm! Here are some of the things we have done:

  • Learnt what it means to be organic.
  • Compared organic biscuits with normal biscuits. We all agreed the organic ones were crunchier!
  • Compared organic soil with non organic.
  • Looked closely at the field to see what plants and wildlife were there.
  • We saw some Gloucester Old Spot pigs. One was pregnant and one had some 10 week old piglets.
  • We saw some Aberdeen Angus cows and a calf.
  • We visited the butchery to learn about what happens when a farm animal is used for food. Everyone was interested and we had some excellent questions for the butcher which he answered very well.
  • After lunch we went to the woodland to see three orphaned lambs who were very tame.
  • We built dens from very long and heavy branches
  • We climbed trees, played on a tyre swing, swung in hammocks, stroked the lambs… and lots more!