Elm Weekly Newsletter

How hard the children have worked this week! They have written some amazing stories and are really trying to think about how they can make their writing interesting for the reader. Well Done! Those children who read regularly have a wonderful vocabulary to use in their own written work.

They have also completed some reading and maths assessments just so that we know where they need a little bit more support. It’s so important that they read to an adult every day. Please make sure they are asked questions about what they have read to make sure they fully understand the text.

All the children are becoming quite competitive with themselves over their times tables test scores. Most are improving their score each week, with some coming on in leaps and bounds. They are a lot quicker at recalling times tables facts and this is helping with the related division facts too!

For example: If I know 6 times 5 is 30 then I know 30 divided by 5 is 6.

Next week we will be spending time building our castles. This is the last chance we get before our new topic after Easter so please send in any materials which could be useful for the build.

Here are some ideas: cereal boxes, shoe boxes, kitchen roll tubes, yoghurt pots, mushroom/veg trays, egg boxes, gift wrap tubes…

Have a fab weekend, see you Monday for the last four days of the Spring Term!

Mrs Dowell, MIss Nicholas and Mrs Kearney