Elm Newsletter 17.1.22

Hello Everyone, it’s great to be back in school with the children, I did miss them! Apologies for the late newsletter but I didn’t want to tempt fate and say that I would see them on Monday before I actually arrived back in school.

I can see from their books, and the feedback that I have had from Miss Pritchard, that they have all worked hard at the tasks that I set. They have really impressed me with their facts of The Great Fire of London, even remembering specific dates, places and names. A huge well done to everyone.

This week we are planning to merge together our literacy and history by having our character, Herb, land in London in 1666. We can then write descriptions using adjectives and think of what role Herb would take in putting the fire out. They told me about the differences between fire fighters now and then.

In maths we are starting to divide into equal groups and link this to our times tables facts. We have been using lots or practical resources to think about the different ways that numbers can be shared equally and why sometimes we might have some ‘left over’.

Please make sure that if your child has long hair it is tied back into plaits or a pony tail. We really don’t want any little visitors in class. I keep reminding them that this needs to be for the whole day, not just until lunchtime!

Before Christmas, you may remember me telling you about the Christmas cards that we made for Shrewsbury Town to distribute to lonely or isolated people over Christmas. Today, we have received a lovely ‘Thank You’ card from a lady who said ‘how much I appreciated receiving a lovely hand made Christmas card’ from Elm Class. This made the children feel very good about themselves and how important it is to do a good deed to make someone happy who might be feeling sad. They also enjoyed the chocolate coins which were enclosed as ‘a token of my appreciation’.

Thank you for your support in these continuing difficult times,

Mrs Dowell