The full Governing Body meets on a termly basis, with sub-committees meeting more regularly.
The Governing Body consists of a variety of members who are able to view the school critically from different perspectives. Our governors are also classroom linked which allows them to work closely with the teachers in understanding how the school can develop and improve. If you would like to contact the Governing body you can write to them this will be passed on through the School.

Our current team of Governors are as follows:

Dr. Charles Woodford-Chair of Governors also a Governor at TMBSS

Ms Sandra Downes-Vice Chair

Mr Tim Wasdell

Mr Anthony O’Connor

Dr. Jane Park

Miss Sarah Richards

Cllr. Pam Moseley also a Governor at Belvidere Secondary School

Miss Sandra Childs

Mrs Tracy Dowell-Staff

Mr Alan Parkhurst-Headteacher

You can read more documents relating to our Governing body over on our Governance page:

Governance Page

Governors business and financial interests