Times Tables Challenges

Hello everyone!

Here is the times tables challenge that we do in school. It would be good to have a go at doing these to maintain your times tables knowledge. Remember, five minutes to answer as many of the questions as you can. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all done, just try and improve on your previous score!

12X table sheet     11X table sheet    10X table sheet   9X table sheet

8X table sheet       7X table sheet       6X table sheet      5X table sheet   4X table sheet

3X table sheet        2X table sheet

Take care,

Mrs Brunyard

Willow Newsletter w/c 03.12.18

The children in Willow have worked so hard this week. We have completed our assessments and I will give feedback to the children when I have analysed all the data. Everyone tried their very best. The results and analysis helps me plan and it allows me a chance to reflect and amend groupings. It also highlights areas we can concentrate on within booster sessions after Christmas. The children have completed their accelerated reading test and have a ZPD code to assist in choosing books at their level of understanding; we’ll discuss this more in class next week. Thank you to those that attended the Accelerated Reading Launch; if you couldn’t make it the details/information will be placed on the website very shortly. We watched the EYFS nativity play on Friday and started our Christmas decorations for the trees – Christmas is coming! It is the Christmas lunch next Wednesday; if you haven’t already, please complete the slip, if appropriate, to confirm your child wants a Christmas dinner. Have a super weekend.

Willow Newsletter w/c 26.11.18

The Christmas season is amongst us! We will be making Christmas tree decorations next week and they will be on display on the school tree and our tree in St. Chad’s Church. We learnt about the Armistice this week and celebrated the war end by writing a newspaper report. In Maths we looked at division; the children are now more confident in answering calculations. In Literacy we completed our non-chronological report writing and wrote an ending to a story influence; this allowed the children chance to show off their newly acquired grammar skills. It’s our assessment week next week but we’ll still find time to have fun and continue our new ‘walk the mile’ initiative. Have a super weekend.

Willow Newsletter w/c 19.11.18

The weather has certainly changed this week! Another busy and productive week. In Maths, we have learnt how to efficiently multiply decimals and in Literacy, we studied non-chronological report writing and focused our attentions on creating a class report about Christmas. We listened to recordings of soldiers who experienced ‘The Christmas Truce of 1914’ and wrote diary entries reflecting on the soldiers and their feelings. We completed our anti-bullying posters in PSHE and we have learnt how to accompany/enhance our ‘Silver and Gold’ song. Have a super weekend.

Willow Newsletter w/c 12.11.18

Well done to all the children that took part in the Bikeability course. All passed and were a credit to the school. The instructors were impressed with their cycling and listening skills. We continued with our reasoning skills particularly with prime, squared and cubed numbers and multiples and in Literacy we revised the features of a non-chronological report. In History we learnt about the ‘1914 Christmas Truce’ and in PSHE we learnt more about climate control. It is National Anti-bullying Week; we spent a little time discussing what bullying is, what different types there are and what we can do if we experience it. A busy but successful week. Have a super weekend.

Willow Newsletter w/c 18.06.18

We have had a great week learning the songs for ‘Darwin Rocks’. Arthog is fast approaching, I recommend packing early to ensure everything on the checklist can be ticked off and to enable time for those last minute item purchases. We have looked at Global Goal 17 and tried to think about how we can help reduce crime around the world and how what we think governments can help. Our Anglo-Saxon topic is nearing an end – we learnt about Alfred the Great, runes and the ruling of England after the Viking invasion. Have a super weekend.