Key Stage 1 Home Learning Ideas

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the sunshine as much as possible.

Mrs Richards and I have put together the next lot of activities to keep you busy. Do the best you can with what you have at home. The most important thing, after staying safe, is to keep reading. Everyone was doing so well and making good progress, you need to keep it up!

Work for Key Stage 1 COVID-19 Summer Term Weeks 5 and 6

It was lovely to speak to some of you on the phone, I’ll be making some more calls this week so if you have any news to tell me about what you have been doing I would love to hear it.

Have fun!

Mrs Dowell & Mrs Richards

Phonics Support

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all staying safe and making the most of the sunshine if you can do safely.

This is a link to some support for Phonics. They are short sessions produced by the people behind ‘Letters and Sounds’ which is the phonics teaching and learning guidance which we use in school.

Letters and Sounds Sessions

There are some introductory videos then the sessions go live on Monday 27th April.

Please have a go, you only need internet access, some paper and a pencil. Most importantly, have fun!

BBC Guidance and Website Timetable

We are hearing about engaging websites and links on a daily basis. This list was correct as at 22nd April 2020 but if you spot any errors please advise and we will amend, as appropriate. The links have been checked, some require facebook access or are hosted by youtube – as with any IT used at home we recommend you look at the resources first to gauge whether you think they are appropriate for your child. We appreciate you will have to access some facebook links via your account and as such recommend you sit with your child whilst they access the information. In some instances, you may have to join the site; we leave it you your discretion as to whether you want to join.

The list is quite long and some won’t necessarily appeal to your child but we think there is something of interest for everyone. Hope it helps!

The work we publish on our class website pages relates to an overarching topic/theme and this is updated every fortnight. We appreciate some have limited access to the internet-based activities. If this is the case, we recommend your child complete the work we set fortnightly. Paper copies are available, on request, by emailing the office.

If you do have access to the internet and would like more work we recommend the newly developed BBC Bitesize lessons and clips.

The lessons and activities can be found on The new clips (which started on Monday) can be found by pressing the red button on your TV from 9am – 11am or alternatively they can be accessed using BBC iPlayer (

It is important that your child keep active and to help with this we recommend This is a website you subscribe to initially then you will have access to games, exercises, clips – it is run and hosted by Shrewsbury Town in the Community (our school sporting partners).

BBC Guidance and Website Timetable

We will continue to signpost any sites/links we come across in our weekly newsletters.

Take care and keep safe.